12 June 2019

Lynker Analytics joins AWS Activate

Lynker Analytics has joined some of the world’s most successful and innovative start-ups by signing on to Amazon’s AWS Activate programme.  With AWS Activate, start-ups get access to the types of resources they need to quickly get started – including credits, training and support. 

AWS partners with more than 3,000 accelerators, incubators, venture capitalists, and other organisations worldwide to help start-ups build, launch, and scale their businesses.

“We are pleased to be part of this vibrant and global start-up community.” says Matt Lythe, Lynker Analytics’ Managing Director.

“Not only will this membership accelerate our business growth, it aligns well with our affiliate, Lynker, who are an AWS Partner. This is a template that many successful companies have used to springboard their growth.”


Lynker Analytic’s services are global in reach and incorporate geospatial data analysis, machine learning and data visualisation – all of which can be resource hungry. 

“AWS is therefore an important ingredient within our overall technology and service offering to meet the scalability needs of our customers”.

As Lynker continue to develop and bring to market leading geospatially enabled AI solutions, they are taking advantage of AWS services such as AWS Lambda, for serverless compute, and AWS Sagemaker for model development. These solutions need to be trusted so they need to be highly available, secure, scalable and robust and the Lynker Analytics team believe AWS is perfect for this.

“We are continually developing and improving tooling used to facilitate powerful analytics services, such as our ‘Active Learning’ solution, which provides customers with a powerful alternative to developing accurate machine learning models, with limited training data.” explains, Matt.

David Knox, Principal of Data Science at Lynker Analytics adds, “the AWS platform is really the only way we can take many of these complex and computationally heavy solutions to the sort of scale required.”

“This is a key relationship for us at this stage of our company’s development.  AWS Activate gives us the support and resources to develop and deploy highly performant services and solutions that would otherwise be very difficult to develop and deliver on localised hardware.”

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