Geospatial Analytics

At Lynker Analytics, we see traditional geospatial analysis as the process of taking a spatial problem, breaking it into smaller problems with the overall objective of gaining a better understanding of the initial problem. We also often present the our findings within traditional mapping platforms or applications.

The process of Geospatial Analytics, however, is more intrinsically related to the discovery, interpretation and communication of patterns within geospatial data in order to promote better business decision making. Sometimes we might use a map to communicate the results but more often, we’ll be presenting our findings using  more traditional business reporting methods such as graphing and reporting.

Artificial Intelligence has rapidly become the perfect tool to overcome many of the limitations that have traditionally been very difficult for geospatial professionals to overcome. Problems such as the prohibitive data sizes or complex multi-dimensional inter-relationship’s, are solved through Lynker Analytics’ unique and powerful implementation of machine learning systems .